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Artist edition
Artist edition
Artist edition
avaf - Men under control (horses)
Silkscreen printing realized in partnership with the silkscreen printing workshop of the Fanzinothèque as part of the "Blanche Monnier" exhibition by… Artist edition
Aude Anquetil - A Casa Mia ou la pensée de derrière
Published by Ma Bibliothèque Artist edition
Julia Faure
Artist edition
Optical Sound & Pierre Beloüin
Artist edition
Confort Moderne Show
Street Painting (Catherine)
Artist edition
Les 26 sauces de Maître Saucier
The Poitiers venue Le Confort Moderne invited Greg Saunier to write an original music piece for 'La Colonie de Vacances' titled "Les 26 sauces de Maître… Disk
Misssouri Super School
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Other prints
Other prints
Artist edition
La Grande Famille Moderne
Artist edition
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Other prints
De la prise de parole sensible à la stratégie de communication médiatique en situation de crise
Artist edition
Confort 3000 #4
Other prints
Ricky & les Dix-iples
Ars Gratia Artis
Artist edition
Stephen Felton, No Drama
  An introduction to the art of Stephen Felton, with an essay by Jill Gasparina, “On the uselessness of sophisticated discourse,” as a guiding thread… Catalogue
Confort 3000 #3
Other prints
CONFORT 3000 #2
Other prints
Denis Savary
This poster realized during the Denis Savary's residency at the Confort Moderne on the occasion of his exhibition “Lagune et autres poissons" that happened… Artist edition
Confort 3000 #1
Other prints
Le Bon Coin Forever
Ann Craven, Time
This catalogue has been published for the exhibition Time / Ann Craven at le Confort Moderne from may 28th to august 24th 2014.Authors : Yann Chevallier,… Catalogue
Initiales JCA
Other prints
Pierre Beloüin – The Ultimate Black Tiki Bar
Artist edition
Justin Lieberman – S.A.C. Poster
Artist edition
Justin Liberman – S.A.C. T-shirt
Other prints
The Corrector’s Custom Pre-Fab House
Other prints
Stick and Rag
Stephen Felton This poster realized during the Stephen Felton's residency at the Confort Moderne on the occasion of his exhibition “Stick & Rag”… Artist edition
Natura Lapsa
Artists : Fabienne Audéoud, Aline Bouvy, Calmets, Stéphanie Cherpin, Anne Colomes, Ann Craven, Tom De Pekin, Julien Dubuisson, David Evrard, Peter… Catalogue
Script Geometry
Thomas Tilly “To imagine the forest like a city, a construction, an ensemble made of layers and verticals, where signals communicate, clash, go unseen...… Disk
Ann Craven
Ann Craven This screen print was produced for the occasion of Ann Craven's exhibition “Time,” which was from 28 May to 24 August 2014 in the Depot… Artist edition
Ann Craven
Ann Craven Edition realized for the exhibtion “Time” by Ann Craven which occurred from 28 May to 24 August in the Depot Gallery of the Confort Moderne.… Artist edition
Zicatela Ding
Yann Gerstberger Each year, Art-O-Rama suports the work of a young artist based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. In the context of this support,… Catalogue
Altars Of Madness Vol.2
Auteurs : Jérôme Lefèvre, Yann Chevallier, Dieter Roelsraete, Thibaut de RuyterThe second volume of the catalogue Altars of Madness was published… Catalogue
Emilie Pitoiset
Our love story with Emilie Pitoiset began in 2009 by a Beau Window in which the artist presented the taxidermy of this white stuffed horse in front of… Catalogue
Altars Of Madness Vol.1
Authors : Benjamin Bianciotto, Jérôme Lefèvre, Kevin MuhlenThe first volume of the catalogue Altars of Madness was published in the context of the… Catalogue
Bright Dark Future
Marianne Vitale This catalogue has been edited on the occasion of the exhibition “Bright Dark Future” presented at the Confort Moderne from 14 March… Catalogue
Year 2013
YEAR is the annual book that presents a scene that is subjective, abstract and in motion.   The third edition is again an almanac, a program, a journal… Other prints
Year 2012
The second edition of Year is still an almanac, a chorus of a book that reveals its insides.  The seasons are its information.  To look at what has… Other prints
Le Paysage ouvre à heures fixes
Stéphanie Cherpin First monograph devoted to the sculptural work of Stéphanie Cherpin, whose often monumental works full of strange forms take as a… Catalogue
Crash Ocean
La Chatte A 45 rpm vinyl disk produced for the occasion of the exhibition “Crash Ocean” by La Chatte / Vava Dudu presented in the depot-gallery of… Disk
The Spirit of Ecstasy
David Evrard Spirit of Ecstasy is the first novel by David Evrard. His sponsors are also characters in it : Anne Bossuroy, Jean-Daniel Bourgeois, Isabelle… Other prints
Weather Dust Storm Center
Jérôme Poret An interview with Alexandre Castant, two critical texts – Thibaut de Ryuter and Sophie Auger – and numerous exhibition views compose… Catalogue
Coded Sleep
Barbara Breitenfellner This book contains a selection of works by Barbara Breitenfellner made between 2006 and 2011. It connects screen prints and collages… Catalogue
Tout Le Gentil Garçon
by Le Gentil Garçon This is a large scale project. An homage to the childhood passion of the Gentil Garçon for encyclopedias, this editorial object… Catalogue
She looks like a Mountain
We Are The PaintersScreen print produced for the exhibition “De la Neige en Été (Summer Snow), June 2011.  The poster reproduces the silhouette of… Artist edition
Laurent Le Deunff
Laurent Le Deunff This monographic catalogue presents an overview of the work of Laurent Denuff through the presentation of works realized between 2000… Catalogue
The Absence (sometimes repeated)
Rainier Lericolais “The Absence” is the fruit of a collaboration between Rainer Lericolais and Sylvain Chauveau. The two songs were constructed from… Disk
Rainier Lericolais A compilation of scattered archives, from open-source materials, voices, the artist's personal documents, silences and productions… Disk
Rainier Lericolais - Multiple
Rainer Lericolais makes impressions by producing negative transfers of vinyl disks using glue and flexible plastic. These transparent imprints integrate… Artist edition
Year 2011
Almanac, private journal and annual report, YEAR is a chorus of a book produced each year by Komplot and David Evrard wit the graphic designers Pierre… Other prints
Author : Storm Van HelsingCatalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition “Collatéral,” presenting works by Liz Deschenes, Sam Lewitt, Scott… Catalogue
Last Exit to Poitiers
Rita AckermannThis catalogue presents a series of photographs taken by Rita Ackerman, as well as views of the exhibition “Last Exit to Poitiers.”… Catalogue
David EvrardThis poster was realized on the occasion of David Evrard's residency at the Confort Moderne in 2010.  It was produced for the event Less… Artist edition
I am a record
Georgina Starr Monographic catalogue edited on the occasion of the exhibition “I am the record, I am the medium” de Georgina Starr from 19 March to… Catalogue
I am the medium
Georgina Starr Vinyl produced on the occasion of the exhibition “I am a record and I am the medium” by Georgina Starr from 19 March to 9 May 2010… Disk
Avec des si je coupe du bois
Emilie Perotto Produced for the occasion of Art-O-Rama 2009, contemporary art salon in which Emilie Perotto was the invited artist.  The catalogue gathers… Catalogue
Underline / Borderline
Hervé BezetFour works were produced in the context of an artistic residency at l'Appart (Association en attendant les cerises productions, Poitiers).… Catalogue
Installations (documents)
Dominique Petitgand Since 1992, Dominique Petitgand produces sound pieces that are spoken, musical and silent.   The exclusive use of sound places him… Catalogue
Hotel Everland
Lang/Baumann Hotel Everland the artists L/B welcome their guests entrhoned upon the rooftops of the world.  This publication takes a look at this unique… Catalogue
Stomach Rainbow
Davide BalulaHalfway between an artist's book and a monograph, this work presents the multifaceted work of Davide Balula. A well thought-out organization… Catalogue
That's me
Christophe Brunnquell Fanzine printed for the exhibition “J'adore Poitiers (I love Poitiers)” presented on the mezzanine of the Confort Moderne from… Other prints
Beautiful Book 1.1 - 7.8
Lang/Baumann This publication presents an overview of the duo of Swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann.  The book is organized in seven groupings:… Catalogue
I got the
Ingrid Luche This catalogue compiles texts, notices and images and images to raise an overview of the career of Ingrid Luche.Authors : Jérôme Diacre,… Catalogue
10th birthday of La Station [Nice] at le Confort Moderne [Poitiers] This catalogue brings together works in the “L'égosystème” at the Confort Moderne… Catalogue
Etre Alcôve
Bruno Barlier Authors : Guy Tortosa & Yann ChevallierCatalogue edited on the occasion of the exhibition “Etre Alcove” at the Confort Modern from… Catalogue
Labranisch Confort Ep
Authors : Davide Balula, O. Lamm, Domotic The Confort Moderne published “Labranish Confort EP,” an LP 45 that includes David Balula, O. Lamm and Domotic,… Disk
Dominique Petitgand The CD contains the sound 1996 sound piece by Dominique Petitgand, “Fatique.”  With the voices of Colin Auvy and Louise Goutin.… Disk
Le Confort Moderne 1985>>2005
Double DVD of the 20th birthday of le Confort ModerneThe first contains a documentary produced by Thierry Mouillé, assisted by Michael Goupilleau and… Disk
All the same but...
Audrey Nervi This catalogue gathers texts as well as reproduces the series Épicentre, Guerilla, Do you remember me ?, État des lieux, I’m not a gringo.… Catalogue
Enrique Jezik Monographic catalogue edited on the occasion of the exhibition “Securité” which took place in the depot-gallery of the Confort Modern… Other prints
Club Club Club
The CD contains the exhibition catalogue “Club Club Club” presented in the depot-gallery of the Confort Modern from 9 June to 8 August 2002, as well… Disk
Gossos, perros, chiens, dogs
Ingrid Luche Image composed of four screen printed posters. Artist edition
Le Grand Mix / Apparitions Concertées
Jacques Villéglé / Pierre Henry Catalogue
Skate Story
Other prints
La musique techno, Approche artistique et dimension créative
Other prints
O ville ! Que de crimes commis dans ton enceinte
Philippe Untersteller Other prints
Voir et se mouvoir
Monique Tello Catalogue
Chambre 321
Claude Lévèque Catalogue edited on the occasion of the monographic exhibition of Claude Levêque “Chamber 321” at the Rabelais university residence… Catalogue
Jardin Théâtre Bestiarium
Volume edited on the occasion of the exhibition “Jardin Théâtre Bestarium” presented in the depot gallery of the Confort Moderne from 30 September… Catalogue