Traversées/Kimsooja : Landscape of Beings
Landscape of Beings 12 octobre 2019 jusqu'au 19 janvier 2020


Entrée libre

Landscape of Beings at Le Confort Moderne is a proposition by Emma Lavigne, Emmanuelle de Montgazon and Kimsooja.

Associated curators :
Yann Chevallier and Sarina Basta.

Landscape of Beings Groupe 0

Kimsooja creates new variations of her works for Landscape of Beings, re-interpreting each on a new scale for the Confort Moderne. To Breathe (2019), Encounter - A Mirror Woman (2017), A Needle Woman (2009), and Mandala: Zone of Zero (2004-2010), can be observed both separately and together. A unseen presentation of each work coherent to the life work of the artist, that began in the early 80s.

Kimsooja, derives her work from the lexical field of textiles and weaving. Without embodying a contemporary declination of the Penelope myth, Kimsooja - who calls herself «A Needle Woman», «the needle woman» - embodies more, by assimilating with the needle, unifying different societies and cultures. With her back to the camera, the body of the artist resembles an axis, a needle, creating a force opposed to the flow of people passing by. Repeating this experience in global metropolises and cities in conflict, from the United States to Nigeria, through Chad or Israel, to Paris in 2009, Kimsooja defines, with a universal spirit, the basics of a common world both global and local. Kimsooja crosses diplomatic questions travelling the world, transcending cultures,- imposing the idea that art does not question gender or nationality.

With Landscape of Beings, each of Kimsooja’s works are associated with different chronologies that oppose permanence and the authority of time. Their context in dialogue, like the encounters and territories crossed, create new relationships; the question no longer concerns what makes these works and their audiences so specific, but rather what they share.