Sylvie Fanchon
Sylvie Fanchon 27 août 2018 jusqu'au 16 décembre 2018


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“A few words about my work: After having investigated its numerous relations to the image, I have now introduced the real into my work in the form of writing: writing in painting. Currently I prefer murals for large-format images. Thus, in the mural which I am proposing for the Confort Moderne the phrase is: “Je peux apprendre à mieux vous comprendre” (I can learn to better understand you), a worthy goal for an artificial intelligence attentive to my well-being. The mural will be black and white and of reasonable format: 1.35m x 2.80m, dimensions which may shift if one wants to see the phrase in its entirety: “si je me familiarise avec votre façon de parler” (if I familiarize myself with your way of speaking)."
Sylvie Fanchon
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