Jeunes & Souterrains
Art & Souterrain : Eva Medin 25 avril 2018 jusqu'au 20 mai 2018


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The Confort Moderne has always given opportunities to artists who have huge potential but remain overlooked. Here, in the form of a double workshop, students will work with the group Canari and artist Eva Medin and present the result of their work on April 25 during the Jeunes & Souterrains evening.

Art & Souterrain : Eva Medin Groupe 0
Eva Medin is a young artist born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro. She employs short films and installations to create mysterious ambiances, ethereal atmospheres which may evoke the possible existence of parallel worlds. Playing alternately with sound, light and spatial effects, Eva Medin’s works often reveal an enigmatic and somber ambiance with futuristic aspects, an ambiance that directly echoes the interior emotions of the viewers who contemplate them.